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Homes designed to improve you and your family’s health and lifestyle.


Comfort and sustainability can also be beautiful and economical.


The build location and climate determine key performance elements for each build.


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Our homes perform exceptionally.
They are more comfortable year-round, cut down energy bills, give cleaner air for you and your family to breathe, and save on house maintenance and cleaning.
Each component of design is analysed to find cost-efficient solutions, achieving the best outcome with better performance.


Our knowledge, skills and design systems bring excellence and innovation to your next home. Our Passive House principles are foundational and we tailor your home design according to location and local climate. Our design is founded in science and proven principles to make homes stay temperate all year around.


Our family-owned company provides designs for residential buildings giving superior performance.
We create homes, a place to live and make memories, not just a house. Comfortable homes are enjoyable to live in; low running costs, low maintenance, healthy to live in and aesthetically pleasing.



We bring the science and Passive House expertise to your existing design.
Not only can we provide a full design service for new builds and renovations, we can act as a Passive House consultant on your project if you already have a design or design team in place.
We work with home owners, builders, architects and developers to bridge any knowledge gaps and help achieve the best outcome for the project.

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Australia is known for being innovative in many areas. Unfortunately the average Australian home design is lagging behind our international counterparts when it comes to scientifically-based design standards. Year-round temperature control with little heating or cooling costs, moisture control and excellent air-quality like PassiveHaus (Passive House) design are a regular expectation in the international building industry.

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