16 Sorrento Passive House
This home is about to be on the Toowoomba Real Estate Market! See here for the online brochure.

Toowoomba’s first Certified Passive House in Toowoomba and only the seventh certified to Passive House Plus level in Australia (at time of writing). 

Nation-wide, there are about 30 certified Passive Houses and a handful of commercial buildings. This home was designed and developed by LAB Design and built by Titanium Homes. 

The successful completion and certification of this home proves that Passive House can be done on a reasonable budget, making healthy and energy efficient homes accessible to many Australians. This house was the pilot project for the PHI (Passive House Institute) LAB Design Certified Construction System. 

Shayne MacLachlan wrote an excellent piece Carbon emissions all at sea: why was shipping left out of the Paris Climate Agreement

Scott presented his unique lab design (Passive House Slab for Reactive Soils), which uses Australian building methods and products, at the South Pacific Passive House Conference in Melbourne in Feb 2016. due to lots of interest in his design, the presentation has been made available for free at-Passive House Slab for Reactive Soil

Passive House Slab for Reactive Soils by Scott Stewart on Scribd

Born out of necessity, we created our very bespoke office. We outgrew the desk in our dining room and as managing Skype meetings with a baby in the house became increasingly difficult, we needed a new space fast.

Over the course of many weekends (not so fast in the end) we converted our insulated shipping container into a very comfortable place to work (and stay if you are our guest). And because you can’t unlearn Passive House principles, it’s got all those feature too!

We are now assisting a client in Portugal replicate the process to act as accommodation and a control room for a fully automated aqua/agriculture system.

As their website says, the Cornerblock is setting the new benchmark for sustainable workspaces. It will be the world’s first building to pursue the standards of Green Star, Passive House and the WELL Building Standard.

LAB Design have been working with the inspiring development team to assist with achieving their Passive House goals. There will be much more to read about this exciting development in the coming  months as certification draws closer.


Scott presented at the virtual SPPHC on the 16th of October 2020.

The presentation showcased the LAB Design Certified Passive House Construction System developed to produce the most cost-effective method to build Passive Houses in particular climates.

It is based on the Australian Standard Timber Framing Code (AS1684) in order to de-mystify Passive House and apply existing building techniques to expedite the increase of Passive House in Australia. Once officially certified, the details will be available on a subscription basis via our website on the Passive House Hub.