What is LAB Design?

We are a family-owned company, specialising in passive housing consulting services, working directly with other industry professionals to ensure that your homes achieve the “Passive House” standard.

Our services include:
  • PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) Modelling
  • General Project Consulting
  • Passive House Certification Management
  • Thermal Bridge Modelling
  • Dynamic Moisture Analysis (WUFI)

Smarter Building for Better Living



About the Founders

We are Scott and Madonna, the founders of LAB Design.

Before the founding of Lab Design, we both served as Navigators in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for over three decades combined before transitioning into the design field. It is through the decades of experience in the RAAF that we understand how to approach and solve problems in creative and cutting-edge ways. Operating complex aircraft systems during our time at RAAF allowed us to step into the design and building industry with a fresh and innovative approach encompassing design with scientific principles. We are passionate about getting everyone working or living in a passive house building, in order to create a sustainable way of living for you and your family, our community and our environment.

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Licences & Memberships

BDAA: 1633-14 QBCC: 15130400 VBA: DP-AD 63141
Member of Australian and International Passive House Associations (APHA, IPHA)

Why Work With Us?

We are constantly searching the world for smarter ways to build homes with better livability. 

An Engineer and a Scientist, we design and advise on smarter, sustainable, beautiful homes bettering the residents’ health and reducing running (heating or cooling) costs. 

Also parents, we believe that all families have the right to live healthy lives in our homes. 

Our homes ensure families get stronger in their health quicker in an environment which has fresh, filtered air and temperate indoor climate. Growing up in this environment has proven health benefits.

sustainable house design