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Our homes perform exceptionally.
They are more comfortable year-round, cut down energy bills, give cleaner air for you and your family to breathe, and save on house maintenance and cleaning.
Each component of design is analysed to find cost-efficient solutions, achieving the best outcome with better performance.


Our family-owned company provides designs for residential buildings giving superior performance.
We create homes, a place to live and make memories, not just a house. Comfortable homes are enjoyable to live in; low running costs, low maintenance, healthy to live in and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Work With Us?

At Lab Design, we strive for two things;

Accessibility and Constant innovation.

Our mission is to make passive housing available to as many people as possible. In pursuit of that mission, we are constantly researching smarter ways to build homes with better livability for you, your families and our community.

As parents, engineers and scientists, we create homes suitable for all ages and that withstand the test of time.

We work directly with industry insiders in order to create smarter and sustainable homes that not only improve the lives of homeowners but are also energy-efficient, protecting our environment and the futures of our children.

At LAB Design, we carry these unwavering principles into every project we are involved in.

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