Services & Fees


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We provide consultation on any aspect of building design or the Passive House standard.

Ongoing advice and support for duration of a particular project, one off fee of $1000.

3D Concept Drawings

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$3000 for 3 unique building concepts, includes 3D computer modeling.

Refunds (when less than 3 concepts are produced) are provided when we are contracted to produce the construction drawings.

Construction Drawings / Ongoing Assistance

After the concept phase we will know how time consuming your design will be and we will quote you a flat fee. You can expect this fee to be roughly 3-5% of total building cost, depending on the site and design complexity. If you want to design to Passive House standard then this fee will increase to 5-7% of total build cost due to the extra detail and services provided.

Renovations / Alterations / Retrofits

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For large jobs, the process of producing concept & working drawings is essentially the same, therefore the same fees will apply as for new builds. For smaller jobs (eg: adding 1 or 2 rooms), a flat fee can be negotiated or approximately 2% of build cost. Passive House retrofits will be quoted after inspection due to the variations of work required.

We Can Also Help you With

Pre Purchase

We are able to provide guidance and solutions for the improvement of project homes at the pre-purchase stage. Improvements at this stage can be offset by savings in other areas and giving you a much better performing house.

Material Consultation

We are not aligned to any product. We can, however, refer you to a sustainable materials broker that can assist in finding the most suitable materials for your project. For e.g. identification and sourcing of double glazed windows that meet your budget.

Interior Designing

We love designing interiors (kitchens, joinery, flooring, wall colours & features etc). We are great at using products in innovative ways and incorporating budget options (eg: flatpack cabinetry) to provide a quality finish without the high cost.

Expert Opinion

We can assist you in the builder engagement process to ensure that you have an advocate at the quotation stage and throughout the project.

For a full list of the services we include as part of these fees please feel free to contact us

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